SnPe Android Developer - SAD

SnPe Android Developer is Eclipse RCP application to develop the Android applications. It enables quick development of the Android application using Eclipse, but also includes a few features for advanced users. Currently, there are versions for Windows and Linux.


Components About

Android SDK and Android Virtual Device SAD includes bundled Android SDK 2.1 and Google Maps (API level 7).
SAD sets Android SDK and creates default HVGA AVD automatically when SAD is started the first time.
The user only needs to unpack sad archive and starts sad executable (sad.exe on Windows, sad on Linux). After that she/he can create Android projects, imports SAD samples, execute Hello, world cheatsheet ...
Other Android SDK can be added using the Android AVD manager.

See Starting SnPe Android Developer

This feature requires patched ADT plugins.

Hello, world cheatsheet The user can execute 'Hello, world' Eclipse cheatsheet and SAD will execute all actions described in classic Android Hello World Tutorial.

See SAD Hello world.

Android samples SAD contains the following Android samples:
  • Notepad
  • Snake
  • Live Wallpaper
  • Contact Manager
See Creating Snake sample.

Android Classpath Container SAD sets source and javadoc attachements on android.jar within Android classpath for Android 2.1 (API level 7), 2.0 (API level 5) 1.6 (API level 4) and 1.5 (API level 3) versions automatically when creating an Android project, importing a SAD sample or some other android application.
User can change source and javadoc attachement. See Issue 979.

See Android Classpath Container.

This feature requires patched ADT plugins.

Refactoring SAD support Rename type, Rename package, Move type. SAD refactors the AndroidManifest.xml, layout*.xml files and generated package.

See Rename Package.
You can install this feature using the SnPe Android Refactoring update site.

Fixed a few ADT bugs The following ADT bugs have been fixed:
  • when creating an Android project, you get 2 errors and have to clean project - see creating project in Android Classpath Container
  • when deleting an Android project, you get a few 'Resource <project_name> doesn't exists' in the Error Log view
  • Issue 979.
  • branding ADT features

TODO The following features are planed:
  • add all Android samples and some other open source applications
  • create NotePad cheatsheet based on classic Android Notepad tutorial
  • add more refactoring
  • integrate AVD SQLite database
  • include ADB tool in an Eclipse view
  • implement emulator's file system
  • validate layout*.xml files
  • add Eclipse Help
  • create izPack installer

Copyright (c) 2010 SnPe Informacioni sistemi